Sunday, 17 February 2013

~African daisy progress, Crocherati update, Valentines day

... African daisy  progress

This week we've been making litle daisies for the African Daisy blanket. I think I should have called it the daisy eater because its a hungry little blanket and it gobbles up each new daisy as soon as its made. :D
Here are a couple of progress photos showing how the blanket is growing.
You'll see how each row grows it creates an edge that is not straight and to help minimise this I've designed one half of an African daisy that aims to straighten the edge out. 
 In terms of design that means the edges will be straight - but at this pont there will be a zig-zag edge on what I see as the top and the bottom of the blanket.
I quite like the effect it has and am in two minds on whether to fill it or not... I'll play with the design a bit more before finally deciding.
The last photo shows the "half a hexie" I made as a gap filler. I've shown it to a couple of friends as a bit of 'market research' and they seem chuffed enough with it so I think that will be an appropriate filler for the gaps. 

To round the blanket off I'll edge it with a couple of rows of the dark blue and "hey presto" the African daisy blanket will be finished. I have really enjoyed this blanket and the way it looks is truly festive - it lifts my spirits every time!
 ... Now an update about the secret granny square exchange, or "Crocherati"
The next round of the exchange has kicked off with a Valentine's Day theme and though I cannot show you the squares I made and sent - that would shatter the anonymity for my recipient!!! - I can share with you the squares I have received.
Two beautifully themed heart granny squares and then a surprise bonus as well: an interwoven heart that has lovely smelling potpourri in it! How very lucky and spoiled I am.
... Musings about Valentine's Day...
I think its so lovely to have a day dedicated to love and the pursuit of romance. Yes every day should be special and filled with love - but how nice to know that for one day a year you can be super soppy and totally over the top with romance crazy - and it is totally okay...
Yes I liken it to the same euphoria as going to Disney-land ... difficult to leave there without happy memories. Sore feet on the day, but as time goes by and the sore feet heel, along with the memory of the loooong cues (etc.) one is left with happy thoughts, of happy times, and fun.
That's me for this week lovelies, have a glorious week. Warm pixie smiles coming your way, xo.

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