Sunday, 21 October 2012

Granny Square, A surprise, Boye vs Inox

A granny square surprise...
What a great week this was. A little parcel arrived in the mail and it was the granny squares from the "Crocherati" I mentioned in a previous post. Not only one, but three arrived in the parcel, here is a picture of them - I hope you can see the detail in it - the work is so intricate and the colours are spot on in this Halloween month!
It fills me with such joy to think that someone made these squares with love and best intentions. These form the first of my granny square blanket and I feel so blessed (and slightly emotional) to be part of such a special project.
That said - I can't show you the granny squares I sent out because that would totally give away my anonymity - so you'll just have to trust that it was awesome!
Another surprise gift....
Then another good surprise - a full set of Boye crochet hooks in a hot pink case.
The hook itself is a slightly different shape from the Inox crochet hooks I've been using for the last 30 years and it took me on a trip down memory lane...
I remember as a little hyperactive girl that everyone thought of me as a handful. It wasn't easy to keep my attention on anything for very long before my mind and my feet would wander out into the glorious world that held all that wonder...
Living in Africa at the time I had a wonderful nanny from Venda, named Flora, who used to crochet the most glorious creations. Flora couldn't read the crochet language but could read and interpret the crochet diagrams. Her favourite publication was Crochet Monthly and even though a premium price to her pocket she would always have the latest copy on hand to try current projects.
Flora taught me to crochet when I was about five or six years old. She patiently explained the diagrams to me and many a day we sat crocheting on a grassy knoll under the African sun. Flora also give me my first couple of Inox hooks - I say 'couple' coz I'll never forget the stern talk she gave me about taking better care of them, and how this hook would be the last she'll ever give me. Bless her heart she gave me two more - which I use to this day.
Quite emotional actually - and when this set of Boye hooks came in the mail I wasn't exactly sure how it would work out.
But it was a gift and I had to give it a fair go.
And as it turns out I love them.
I made the next square, Krista block 5 (see the link to all the Krista block patterns below) with a Boye hook and Magnum Soft Acrylic 8 ply yarn.
How did the Boye hooks compare to Inox...
It took a bit of getting used to as the Boye hook was very sensitive - not sure if my other [Inox] one is blunt after all the years of use, but the sharpness of the Boye grabbed hold of the wool with a ferocity I soon got used to - I worked my way through the pattern quickly and the learning curve of initially splitting the wool didn't last very long.
I am ever so grateful to Flora for teaching me to crochet - a pastime that taught me to focus my mind as a youngster and a comfort in times when I was feeling low.
To Flora and my trusted Inox hooks I say "thank you".
To my Boye hooks I say "get ready for the future, I hope you're ready".
The link to all the Krista throw blocks are free and accessible via this link:
And so another week comes to an end...
- warm pixie smiles coming your way. xo -

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