Sunday, 14 October 2012

Practicing what I preach - tension wobbles and a koala amigurumi

Practicing what I preach

This week I made the next block in the Krista series, made a couple of granny squares from the popcorn tutorial I linked in last week - and also tried my hand at the koala amigurumi I posted in the previous post.

One of those three activities were successful - two of them not so much....

Tension wobble

So my block for week 5 is a bust. The pattern is easy enough to follow but somewhere along the line the tension got a bit wobbly and all the discreet pulling and pushing is only making it look weirder and weirder. So will make this one again...

Popcorn joy

I am absolutely in love with making granny squares with the popcorn stitch - (link in the previous post).

A couple of weeks ago I bought DK (double knit) in a skintone colour. This acrylic yarn was a little bit thinner than I expected and I wasn't sure what I would be doing with it. 

When a call went out for donated granny squares that would be joined to form blankies for a palliative care unit at a hospital I knew it would be put to good use. I recon the fleshtone colour would probably blend in nicely with most colours - here's a pic of how it ended up looking.

Amigurumi koala

Putting my money where my mouth is, I made my first little amigurumi ever. I used the same DK yarn as for the popcorn granny squares and looking at the little dude I kinda like him even though he's probably one of the most flawed amigurumi's ever.

The pattern was easy to follow - and very straightforward. Problem is that my tension was on the fritz and having to stop and start a couple of times did not help the attempt. Will also add that I did not enjoy adding the arms, legs and ears - probably my least favourite bit of the experience.

Here's a photo of the little guy, who sadly will not make the charitable gift pile but instead will find a place at home. Thought it would become a doggy toy but the more I look at it the more I think it's gonna sit on my shelf - he's definitely growing on me - squeezing his eyes tight as he smiles at me. cute.
That's my craft story this week - warm pixie smiles coming your way. xo


  1. I find the tension goes a bit askew on the squares that have chains rather than stitches for the most part, especially if you're using a thin acrylic. I tried a different yarn on one recently, it was a Krista square although I don't remember which one, it was mostly chains and it held up nice and stiff without the wobbles. I hate it when 8ply varies so much! :)

    1. Too true Tash, too true! There's ups and downs but I'm sorta enjoying working my way through the Krista - its dusting off the ole skills again... I'm with you on the 8 ply varying so much - didn't expect that at all and it makes me laugh coz it surprises me that I'm surprised and I love that.