Sunday, 11 November 2012

~ sacrificial blog; baby beanies, worst haircut ever

Sacrificial blog
30 little hats take the place of my Krista block this week - and as such this space is dedicated to them and their cause.

One of the crocherati ladies mentioned a cause and a challenge. The challenge is to make 1,000 beanies before the end of November. The cause is to be part of a keepsake memory box for the parents who experience loss through miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal loss.

So this week instead of making my Krista blocks I bought some acrylic wool and crochet these little beanies and in doing so my heart goes out to anyone who has experienced this kind of tragedy.

Boxed and ready to go...

The pattern

I stuck to a basic pattern as the wool is not a solid colour. The pattern I followed was shared by one of the crocherati ladies, Suzie, and follows the good old beanie outline to start with.

Using UK terminology:

Row 1: Inside magic loop, make 10 htr
Row 2: 2ch (start), 2htr in ea st to end. Join with sl st in 2ch start. (20 st)
Row 3: 2 ch (start), * 2htr then 1 htr *. Repeat to end. Join with sl st in 2ch start. (30 st)
Row 4: 2 ch (start), 1 htr in ea st to end. Join with sl st in 2ch start.

Repeat Row 4 till you have the desired length of the little beanie. Mine had 9 rows in total.

Now I'm getting all emotional and before I take you down that emotional path with me let me change the topic completely and tell you about the haircut I had earlier this week. I shall dub it:

Worst haircut ever
A couple of months ago I lost a few inches off my hair - I just took the scissors and cut it off.

"that's crazy" I hear you think, yet that's not the story of the worst haircut....

After my scissor attack I've noticed that my hair has many split ends and is difficult to brush so I thought I'd go for an actual haircut and have this sorted.

I went to one of the cheap and cheerful hairdressers - $12 for the cut. Though I recon $12 is still plenty, but that's a different story.

Of course I did some recon - allbeit "incognito" as part of the conversation. Yes the dude liked cutting hair. Yes he's been doing it for 8 years. Yes he'd like to open his own hair salon one day. Yes he specialises in female hair....

Also I kept my requirements minimal. I asked if he could layer the towards the bottom so that it thins out - I have curly hair and it can look quite bushy if I'm not careful.

Of course this would not be a problem. of course....

He cut-cut here and cut-cut there and before I knew it my hair felt very short and close to my ears. And then I saw the time and had to run so I'd dry it at home no worries...

You can see where this is going can't you. Allow me to illustrate using paint the vision versus the final cut..

Its really terrible. Every time I brush it it looks like I'm wearing a triangle of hair on my head. Actually its quite funny, but it would be more funny if it wasn't happening to me but rather a Dilbert cartoon. Actually, I n have the hairstyle of Alice in the Dilbert cartoons. ha ha ha ha!!!

At least its an opportunity for me to practice different ways to style my hair. And apparently an opportunity to draw random drawings in MS Paint.

So what's up for the next week

From a crochet point of view this week I need to finalise the next round of granny squares to send out to the crocherati. I'm tempted to make myself a duplicate of the square I make my secret recipient so that my blanket grows faster and I can expand on the origins of the blanket's story.

I also want to have a look at some alternative patterns for the organisation making memory boxes for parents of little stillborn angels.

And I am being encouraged to put some of my thoughts into a book. I am very passionate about the art of crochet and am very excited about its revival in popularity. To this I would also like to help preserve some of the heritage crochet samplers and in sodoing help introduce that to a whole new generation of crafters.

But that is the dream, and one for another week.

That's my craft story this week - warm pixie smiles coming your way. xo


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