Sunday, 25 November 2012

~ Krista block 11, yarn bombing and milk milo

This evening I'm writing my blog with Star Trek Voyager on the tele. Its one of my favourite shows I love how Captain Kathryn Janeway handles herself with such poise and dignity. Sometimes that can be a far cry from real life and a bit of escape is needed ... yes, a crochet project; some good escapism on the tele; and dare I add a milk milo to that as an evening treat... njum. devine
This weeks Krista block - number 11
I think this might be one of my favourite blocks sofar. The square structure is so nicely contrasted with the rounded  flower its just so eye catching I can't wait to make it in a variety of colours.
It will probably be a bit overkill to have an entire blanket made up of this square BUT THEN AGAIN you've got to live a little heh!
If you're after the pattern for this block or any of the Krista blocks I've made sofar click on this link they are available for free:

Quick granny squares for yarn bombing
I'm quite enjoying the yarn bombing craze and made this for somebody's project. Its a variation on the granny square and I'll write up the pattern and post it in the diagram section next week. I've taken these photos to illustrate how very different effects can be reached with the same pattern.


 And then a few of the starter rounds just for some fun ...
Yes I do love the granny square and all its varieties.
And crochet.
And Star Trek Voyager.
And a nice hot milky milo that is calling my name.
That's my craft story this week - warm pixie smiles coming
your way. xo



  1. Hey you linked up! That's awesome! ^.^ I am Trekkie fan too... Captain Janeway has got to be one of the best sci-fi captains of all time!

    1. Yes its a super cool idea I love it! Sometimes ppl say the snidest things things and she just stays so cool and calm! How many links you getting through?

    2. From my blog in particular, I don't think very many but in total via the other hosts there are 159 that have linked up! Pretty neat I think! The colours in one of your squares reminds me of The Very Hungry Caterpillar ;)

    3. Thats a fantastic response - am definately going to have to pick your brain on your journey this has been very interesting for me. Don't know that square but I'm a very hungry ccaterpillar so must be ingrained ha ha ha! <3