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~ Krista block 13 ... Secret Santa ... The Lace Cafe

Krista throw block #13
This week I made the 13th square towards the Krista throw. Its also a flower but this one didn't have a centre ball in it like the flower did in week 3 - though very similar methinks.
I love the final effect of the raised flower petals, though I'm realising that I prefer less lacy blocks and blocks with a little more structure to it.
Its my intention to join these blocks together without spending too much time blocking them - and I hope that any tension concerns I have for the "lacy"-type blocks will be resolved when they form part of the throw's whole.

Remember all the patterns in this throw is free and via the link:

Also the Facebook group for the Krista throw has a community of likely minded crocheters who are happy to talk you through the experiences they had when constructing their own Kristas.

The wonderful world of the Secret Santa / Kris Kringle

One of the Australian traditions that has a very special place in my heart is the "Secret Santa".
A group of people set out to buy each other Christmas presents anonymously in what is fondly called a "Kris Kringle" or "Secret Santa" exchange.

How does it work you're wondering.... Its pretty straight forward really. All the names of the participating group members are chucked in the proverbial hat - and from this you are given one name and that is the person you will be buying a gift for.

The price range is usually set upfront and everyone who participating agrees to this and a date to bring the gifts in. As great efforts are usually taken to keep it anonymous the gifts these are clearly labelled with the name of the recipient and then be collected in a pre-determined area, handed out and opened to great fanfare and enjoyment.

This year I had wonderfully unique pleasure of participating in two of these exchanges - with a couple of differences in that
-\ the participating groups covered the entire Australia as a geography;
-\ the gifts were to be mailed
-\ it was for two craft groups - both joined via social media.
   The first the Krista Facebook group; the second the Granny Exchange I have mentioned before and fondly call the "crocherati'
-\ these groups are full of talented crafters and crocheters
With all of these constraints you might be questioning the end result of these exchanges - but look at my beautiful gifts!

I am so very privileged I'm counting these as my best Christmas gifts this year! You can see from the photos the wonderful attention to detail as I received two fabulous bags, a detailed scarf, other goodies in line with my interests; a beautiful handmade card for the tree - look I can go on and on and list them all, but why don't I just show you how wonderfully spoilt I am. A picture speaks a thousand words so I hope you get as much joy picking out the gifties as I have in my enjoyment of them. PS those tealight candles are banana leaf candles and smell absolutely devine!
Clearly I'm still a bit giddy - wonderful people, a wonderful tradition. Thank you so much I'm so pleased to share your generosity with the world!

The Lace Cafe in Olinda

We also took a drive on the tourist road through the lovely Dandenong ranges here in the State of Victoria and had a pie and a cuppa in the lovely town of Olinda.

There is a beautiful Victorian-esque shop on one of the corners called "The Lace Shop" and what a treat to walk through there! I snapped these two phodies of the outside display windows - how beautiful:
Even though it was past 5 o'clock the shop owner welcomed me to walk through the shop and I'm definitely going to make a plan to go back and buy some of the goodies I spied with my little eyes... In particular there were some lovely spoons at the front counter that had a crystal embellishment at the top of its handle, all the goodies in the store were absolutely fabulous.

I do like to collect business cards of such glorious little shops but she had just run out - only to be so kind as to write down all the details for me on a piece of paper even though it was well beyond the store's opening hours at that time.

Saw on the outside shop window that the store is in the market - and just to tempt you I have found the link click here:

Its not often you get to buy into an opportunity like that with an existing reputation, clientele, and on the tourist route! Fabulous! If it were my time I'd be knock-knock-knocking on that door but at this stage of my life I have to pass on this opportunity. I hope the new owners will keep the character of the store - what a lovely lovely place!

That said I can't believe we're at the end of 2012 - yay we survived! Happy New Year to yawl - I pass this blessing to you that 2013 sees your hopes and dreams realised; that your best wishes are surpassed and that any kindness you show to others be repaid to you tenfold!

- warm pixie smiles coming your way. xo  -


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