Sunday, 6 January 2013

~Show and tell...

...Krista block 14
As you know I'm doing a block a week towards what is called the "Krista throw" - and this week I made the block for Week 14.

It starts of as a granny square - but instead of being worked in the round all the way it has the first two rows in the round and then expands outward via two of the four sides. The effect is quite unusual in that it expands outward to the top right from starting as a cross-like structure bottom left.
It would be interesting to make that initial squarer in a different colour to the rest of the block - and for the next one I might do that. This blocks for this throw will be a solid colour - its called "butter" and is made by Panda wool in their "magnum soft" range.
If you're looking for the Krista patterns - they are free and via the link:
And a standard reminder that there is a Facebook group for the Krista throw. Like-minded crocheters who participated in the original Spotlight promotion as well as others who joined later on and I have found these ladies willing to share their experiences when constructing their own Kristas.

...Started another project - African daisies

With so many ideas to get my Etsy store up and running I have decided to make a daisy blanket using the African daisy or Somalian daisy pattern. The pattern seems to be pretty standard and freely available throughout the web - I just did a quick Google search for "african daisy crochet pattern" and it returned with 101,000 hits!
I have always loved daisies and having it against a blue backdrop to symbolise the sky is so beautiful - this is how it evolves from yellow circle to daisy hexagon granny square:

And look, I've made a start! Next time round you should ask me if I managed to complete it and list it on Etsy yet, that is my target for next week.
That's it for show and tell this week - have a wonderful week with warm pixie smiles coming your way, xo


  1. OH I cannot wait to see the finished product!! Love those african flowers! I'm thinking of making a footstool/pouf with a large african flower motif on the top :) Have fun and keep that hook a movin' <3

    1. Thanks Daina! I'm giggling because I think I'm in love wih the little flowers they are super cool! Can't wait to see how the blanket ends up! <3