Sunday, 13 January 2013

african daisy progress

No Krista block this week - instead I've been focusing on makings some african daisies for the blanket I would like to list on Etsy.

Sofar I've made a good start for the blanket and though I'm not quite as far as I would have hoped am pretty excited that this has the potential to be truly lovely - I hope whoever gets it will enjoy it as much as I have loved making it.

At this stage my big worry is which price to list it at - list it too high and it might not sell. List it too low and people might not trust the quality. Maybe I should list it low as an introductory offer as this will be my first Etsy listing and then take it from there.

A progress pic:

Other projects I have committed to this week include making a blanket for the Hamlin Fistula Organisation; making headbands for children with cancer; and also became part of a group of ladies who are crocheting a QR code as a group effort.

I'll keep you posted on these over the next two or three weeks. In the meantime I would really appreciate your feedback on how much you think I should list the African daisy baby blanket for.

That's it for show and tell this week - have a wonderful week with warm pixie smiles coming your way, xo

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