Sunday, 20 January 2013

~ Krista block 15, 16 litter blocks and 30 african daisies

Krista block 15
Still using Panda's "magnum soft" acrylic yarn (in butter) I made block 15 of the Krista throw. If you want to see the different colours its listed here:

This block was so pleasant and super easy. It starts off with an eight petal flower in the centre - and then grows very quickly into a granny square pattern.

Its even lovely from the back you can see how the flower evolves into the good old granny square so familiar and loved.

If you're looking for the patterns - they are free and via the link:

16 squares for a fun cause
The Creative Crochet Crew invited crochet artists to participate in making a QSR Code from granny squares. This is a similar project to the one they ran for the Arts Hub QSR competition toward the end of last year.
So I've had the privilege of making 16 little white squares which will form part of the QSR border and  I'm so excited that I can be part of this collaboration.

In order to keep them flat I joined them with a slip stitch through the back loops only - this is one of my favourite joins as it looks like its been weaved together.

If you're wondering - the Creative Crochet Crew is a facebook community where a love of crochet is at the heart of the group - a great place to visit for fun and inspiration. If you want to see their page its right via this link:
African daisy update

Sofar I have 30 hexies in various stages of completion. Its still my aim to join them into a blanket and list it on Etsy. By the end of this week I'm comfortable that I will have all 30 hexies lined with the dark blue borders and ready for assembly into a blanket.

I wonder if it will look nice if I start it as a field of daisies - then have a thick band of the dark blue before adding a rim  of daisies again -- OR perhaps I should just have them all form a daisy blanket.

Time will tell how this evolves - its wonderful to be inspired I can't wait to see how this blanket develops - I'm letting it guide me as I go.

Well that's my crochet story this week - warm pixie smiles coming your way. xo

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