Sunday, 23 September 2012

A correction, a block, a lesson and a discovery

First a correction. Last week's post showed how I bought 100% wool online for my Krista throw and then ended up not using that wool in the blocks made for the posted photos. That is because I thought to do a trial run of the blocks in an acrylic worsted yarn and save my wool until my skills have been dusted off, and that's why the finished squares in the previous blog had different colours to that of the wool!
The pattern for this week's block is at:
A lesson or a gripe...
So last week I made a pretty big deal about making a trial square to get the tension right - and may I say that I was pretty chuffed with myself for doing that little exercise. Running low on white 8ply (worsted) acrylic yarn off to the shops I went for more of the exact same brand. Halfway through making the second square I discovered to my utter horror and dismay that the tension was all wobbly and not at all the same as that for the previous block - even though it was the exact same brand and colour of yarn, bought at the exact same retailer with the only difference being that my purchases happened one year apart!

Back to the drawing board for me to determine the crochet hook size that will give me the tension I desire - 3.5mm being the new winner - then I quickly remade the blocks for weeks 1 and 2 again. What a difference as you can see last week's square for block one next to the finished [albeit wobbly] block two in the top row - and the remade blocks on the bottom row. It will be tighter and slightly smaller but it will be as I like it.

Now about that discovery...
All these trial granny squares I'm making will not be wasted. A couple of weeks ago I came across a Yahoo group called "Knit4Charities" - they also have a website at

The squares I don't use will be donated to them and go towards one of their causes and thus not be wasted at all.

In addition to my Krista throw I'll also be scouring around for a toy pattern or two to make as a contribution to the Knit4Charities Christmas drive. More on that next week, and hopefully the blog's colours and theme will get better as I become more familiar with blogging.


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