Sunday, 16 September 2012

hurrah I'm starting my blog

posted 09 Sep 2012

Today I ordered wool online and am looking forward to start my KRISTA crochet blanket/throw. Part of the order is for 100% pure wool and the other for 100% pure cotton - both these are in 8 ply and will be my first ever order from a mill!

The KRISTA throw consists of 25 (twenty five) crocheted squares - the pattern for these are free on the facebook page for Krista Crochet Group. I might add some extra squares if the blanket is too small or even omit a square or two if its too big.

And the reason this excites me so much, even with more than 30 years of crocheting, is because my corporate career recently ended. Now I have a bit more time to pursue the activities that give me joy - and also rediscover some of my hobbies and designs.

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